Johnsons Baby – Social Media

Johnson Baby case


Client Johnson & Johnson Ukraine
Brand Name Johnson’s Baby
Agency Smartica / Skykillers
Year 2012-2013
Project Category Social Media Marketing
Project Links Facebook, Vkontakte


The baby care market is highly saturated and more than 10 brands from 4 major players are competing for the attention of moms. But in a times when the economy is unstable, mothers are forced to select products with greater attention and care, which negatively impacts most baby care brand positions.

Goals and KPI

Because of the fact that the main objective of the campaign was to secure a leadership position in social media networks among children’s brands, the main KPI of the campaign was the behavioral goal — number of community fans/members (measured by the Vkontakte and Facebook statistics panels).

Due to the unstable economy brand knowledge indicators are ones of the high importance, thus the secondary communication objective – was the perceptual goal of  gaining the maximum number of brand mentions online (measured by a reputation management tool YouScan).

Digital Research Results

An analysis of the online environment for mothers, revealed that:

  • Despite the abundance of parent portals and forums, the most popular websites for moms are social networks – Facebook and Vkontakte cover 25 to 61% of the TA, respectively;
  • Competitors are not active in social networks with approximately 1000 fans in their brand communities.


Modern moms are often pressed for time and carefully select web-resource that provide information about baby care. Moms choose the Internet as one of the main sources of knowledge about motherhood and after giving birth, they spend 57% more time on the internet.

Despite an abundance of parent portals and forums, social networks provide the most coverage when it comes to moms. The most popular web resources for women provide 1 to 14% coverage, while Facebook anв Vkontakte cover from 25 to 61% of the TA, respectively.

Big Idea

The development of branded social media communities, with a focus on baby care and toher relevant parental content, written by

Dogital Strategy and Media Support

The solution was to develop Johnson’s Baby communities on Facebook and Vkontakte that focused on parental care for newborns. Communities had the following objectives: build product knowledge, educate and create a connection between the brand a happy motherhood.

To accomplish these goals, we selected 5 content territories – ranging from the rational posts about brand products and advice from ”experienced” moms, to emotional and engaging posts, based on maternal insight.  The community author was an expert in the baby care field – a real mom, who shared her expert motherhood knowledge as well as baby care tips with all group members.

In addition to relevant content – mini-activations were used to engage moms.  One of such activations was dedicated to Mother’s Day, where more than 500 moms participated in the activity and generated an organic reach of over 80 thousand people.

Facebook promoted prosts and сontextual advertising in both social networks were also used as a means of boosting communities, but media advertising was not the main part of the digital strategy as over 50% of fan-base growth was from organic sources.


As a result of properly balanced rational and emotional content that was written by a real mom, organic growth via mini-activations and a small fraction of media advertising – the brand become the leader in the category of children’s goods in social media.  The brand gained 23.9 thousand fans on Facebook and 33.1 thousands admirers in Vkontakte as of October 1, 2014.

Also, due to the large social community, during the campaign period (January 1, 2013 to October 1, 2014) the brand received a good reputation online. The proportion of positive mentions of the brand and products was 68% and the number of mentions of 7.3 times more than the nearest competitor in the category.

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