Obolon – Real Ukrainians Promo

Obolon Real Ukrainians
Brand Name/Advertiser name Obolon Ukraine
Project Type Digital Promo
Year 2014
Agency Smartica / Skykillers, Ukraine
Awards White Square, 3rd Place


Obolon is one of the oldest beer brand on Ukrainian market, operating since 1986. After Ukraine became independent in 1991, brand was the first corporation to export hopped beverages to Europe and the USA. After a quarter of a century, Obolon has evolved into a world-renowned trademark and today people on five continents associate Obolon with Ukrainian beer #1.


Ukraine was a part of Soviet Union for almost a century, and after becoming independent in 1991 is still defining national traits. In 2013-2014 Euromaidan revolution took place that boosted national development. Shortly after that in 2015 Obolon, as Ukrainian national beer #1, launched  new image that was based on revealing the traits, that characterise modern Ukrainian people. To support this change in the digital environment  a broad social campaign was needed.

Strategy and Idea

We created the “Real Ukrainians” project where six foreigners discuss their stereotypes about Ukrainians on the website realukrainians.com. Users send their friends message about stereotypes that they are prompted to dispel, along with an invitation to take part in the project. Friends can dispel stereotypes, watch other stereotypes and invite their friends to participate.​

Users watch funny, but real videos of nation-related stereotypes, told by foreigners that spent at least few years living in Ukraine. After watching, users are prompted to select a friend, that is most unlike to one of stereotypes and send him/her a personal Facebook message with a request to dispel the stereotype and take part in a project. Friends can dispel stereotypes, watch other stereotypes and invite their friends to participate.​ As a result most active project users get rewards and together the nation self-defines it’s “Real Ukrainians” image.

Project used insight- and technology-based strategic solutions. Insights included popular, but irritating stereotypes, which motivated users to despel them by participating and engaging friends. Project smart-targeted both males and females, with a careful selection of messages, e.g. “leopard clothes” was shown to women and “living at home till the age of 30” was shown to men. Also, 360° analytics measured every performance aspect, starting from ad images and messages, to every website action. This data allowed implementing agile changes that resulted in doubling conversion and sharing rates.

Behind The Scenes and Making Of

Media Execution

As campaign had both the image and conversion goals – a mix of channels was used. Videos in YouTube and Facebook and promoted publications in the latter served as image-conveying tools, while Google search and Facebook teasers provided visitors with high registration rate. Video ads were set-up as a teaser, showing one of the stereotypes and prompting website visit to see others. In Facebook teaser ads we used the most controversial stereotype messages to boost click-through rates, for example ones that worked best said that most Ukrainian women wear leopard-print clothes or that Ukrainians put sour cream in all the food.


The project absolute KPI are confidential, but the planned participant number was exceeded with thousands of stereotypes sent and dispelled. Media placement demonstrated high performance too, with millions of views, the average ad CTR was above 5% and more than a third of users, which contacted the teaser video – watching it till the end.

As a global result — Obolon established oneself on the new communication platform of Real Ukrainians image.

Case Video

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