Acard – Interactive Education


Advertiser name Polpharma Ukraine
Brand name Acard
Project Type Digital Education Campaign
Agency Smartica / Skykillers, Ukraine
 Year 2015
Project Website Acard Product Website


Each 12-th Ukrainian over 45 years old suffering from a stroke or myocardial infarction. But an adult disease never touches him alone. The consequences of the attack spread to the entire family of the patient, but at the time the rehabilitation of the child and the parent have to literally turn the tables. Championship of Ukraine in Europe in the number of deaths from cardiovascular disease suggests – previous communication about the necessity of prevention have not been heard by potential victims of the disease.


So we decided to appeal to a different audience – the Ukrainians over 25 years, children potential victims of deadly attacks.
“I never thought that the effects of a stroke can be so terrible and so much influence on my life.”
“I love my parents and willing to care for them in old age, but not right now. I love life, my husband, baby … And if it was possible to postpone the deadline and extend health family – it would be great. ”

Digital Strategy

We have created an interactive website that allows everyone to try on the role of guardian of the sick parent, and permeated with a problem – take care of the prevention of the disease. Choosing one of the stories – “The heart that loves you” or “brain, which of you remembers” the user steps on the path of the hero, faced with a heart attack or stroke dads mom.

Once it opens visual horrifying statistics of the disease, a description of the role of the guardian in the patient’s life and the major challenges that will have to cope in the rehabilitation process. In addition, the site recommends ways to prevent disease, including medical. Custom communication problem involves an unfamiliar audience – young, solvency, ready to influence the lifestyle of the parents and sponsoring prevention.


A useful content on an interactive educational website differentiates the brand from competitors with standard product sheet.

Case Video

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