Carlsberg – Facebook Football Promo

Zen Strategist Carlsberg case

Brand Name/Advertiser name Carlsberg Ukraine
Project Type Social Media and Promo
Year 2014
Agency Smartica / Skykillers, Ukraine

Beer and football are extremely interrelated things. But how to develop a social media content strategy, if all competitors have long been talking about it? And what to communicate, when a client of the agency is Carlsberg – the beer that has just received a sponsorship of the Barclays English Premier League?


The goalof the brand was to gain a foothold on the territory of English football and to get a maximum number of exposures – fans and promotion participants.


Many men do reallyroot for football. These are ardent fans of men’s sports who are versed in the championships of certain countries and have their own favourites in team and individual events. We have decided to emphasize the intellectual level of the audience and to talk about English football as a smart passion for special people.

Digital Strategy, Content and Media Support

We have been coaching the community fans through educational content for subsequent participation in special promotional Carlsberg Expert League. For promotion, participants needed to be registered on Facebook application to create virtual football teams. Users have been daily answering the questions about the English Premier League, competing in the intellectual knowledge. In the application, A/B testing approach has been used for landing pages, which helped to find an optimal landing page, increasing conversion into participants by 35%.

To promote the application and the virtual championship announcement, an advertising campaign has been launched in Facebook. Various advertising formats have been used:

  • advertising of the community;
  • advertising of the promotional application;
  • support of mini-activations and individual posts.

During the campaign, there have been used advanced properties of the advertising office Facebook Power Editor, which allows to show a part of the ads in the mode of focusing on the marginal cost of conversion into participation. This allowed to increase the conversion on an occupied football area up to 14%.

Moreover, various creative works and messages on strategy of exception have been tested. First, targeting on all age groups and all the subjects of creative works has been included. Then, after testing and determining the best levels of cost, clickability and conversion ability, ineffective ads were removed. This happened, for example, with age groups younger than 20 and older than 35 who have shown a high CTR, but showed poor activity in assembling a team.

In the field of creative works, 3 subject areas have been tested:

  • all-football;
  • associated with symbols of English clubs;
  • including football women fans.

As a result, ads depicting women fans turned out to be the most clickable with a CTR reaching up to 4.26%. The most conversional showing the symbols of clubs and the Premier League reached 10%.

Additionally, there has been used a non-standard support for a Facebook application — spotted placement of banners at football resources with a high concentration of TA, as well as PR publications and promotional announcements on reach websites and in relevant communities, which together accounted for 42% of total participants.


  • 7 thousand of fans for 8 months of support
  • 0.27% average ads CTR on an occupied football area
  • More than 1 thousandparticipants of the Carlsberg Expert League promotion.
  • Carlsberg Community –No.1 on dynamics of growth in the category.

Case Video (Russian)