100% pass rate on my CIM Digital Strategy Module!

CIM Digital Strategy Course

In April-July 2016 I was the tutor on Digital Strategy course International Institute of Business, which students took as a part of their  Professional Diploma in Marketing Level 6 course. It was by far the longest course I have ever given, which was even harder as the program was controlled and certified by the largest professional marketing body in the world – Chartered Institute of Marketing, which checked on the assignments and granted certificates of accomplishment.

This is how the landing page looked like (sorry, in Russian, though the course in in English) and my presentation video (in English this time)

I would even say that personally it was my biggest challenge for 2016, which motivated me to stop from a 5-month long trip around South-East Asia to get back to Kiev and do it. Though the weather in Kiev was far from that being as marvellous, as in Thailand and there is definitely no ocean in Ukraine, the whole teaching experience was totally worth it. I structured my own understanding of Digital Strategy, developed my presentation and explanation skills, trained my brain in problem-solving by deep-diving into business of almost 20 students. And after all I got was this T-shirt I got rewarded with little star to ma karma for sharing my knowledge and a huge boost in my self-esteem as a teacher for a 100% pass rate on a course, where the final assignment is sent to be checked by the program-issuing CIM itself!


Here are some photos from the course:

And one of the reviews said:

“It was a a very cool course. Dasha made the great job as a tutor to help with understanding essential of digital marketing. All the invited guest speakers also shared their practical hints and that all was very useful for creating a final assignment.”Victor Stepanenko, Marketing Director Peugeot Citroen Ukraine

If summing up the program in a few personal stats it would look like:

1 stopped ever-summer Asia trip

50 hours of lectures

200 hours of preparation

30 hours of consultations

6 guest speakers

100% student pass rate

1000 points of satisfaction for me :)

Hopefully, this year I will manage to do my 20000 kilometre-long Latin America trip till beginning of April so I will be able to do this course again.

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