Carlsberg – Facebook Football Promo

Zen Strategist Carlsberg case

  Brand Name/Advertiser name Carlsberg Ukraine Project Type Social Media and Promo Year 2014 Agency Smartica / Skykillers, Ukraine Beer and football are extremely interrelated things. But how to develop a social media content strategy, if all competitors have long been talking about it? And what to communicate, when a client […]

Obolon – Real Ukrainians Promo

Obolon Real Ukrainians

Brand Name/Advertiser name Obolon Ukraine Project Type Digital Promo Year 2014 Agency Smartica / Skykillers, Ukraine Awards White Square, 3rd Place Brand Obolon is one of the oldest beer brand on Ukrainian market, operating since 1986. After Ukraine became independent in 1991, brand was the first corporation to export hopped beverages to […]

Johnsons Baby – Social Media

Johnson Baby case

  Client Johnson & Johnson Ukraine Brand Name Johnson’s Baby Agency Smartica / Skykillers Year 2012-2013 Project Category Social Media Marketing Project Links Facebook, Vkontakte Situation The baby care market is highly saturated and more than 10 brands from 4 major players are competing for the attention of moms. But in […]